Collection Cristal&Bronze by Franck Benito

For the first time and in order to give its cut-crystal accessories collections a new prestige, Cristal&Bronze decided to entrust its crystal signature to a renowned craftsman. Franck Benito was chosen to revisit the classic Cristal&Bronze ranges thanks to two contemporary crystal cuts which made his reputation: the “Nid d’abeilles” and the “Bambou” cuts.

In Franck Benito’s workshop patterns are transposed with a felt pen or a brush onto the crystal shape and cut with great precision by traditional sandstone or cork millstones. The control of this cut, called “freehand” enables fascinating effects of light, reflections and transparency.

Like jewels, these crystal pieces are set with extreme care by Cristal&Bronze craftsmen.

These two collections are available in a range of more than 20 finishes, polished or matt.


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