Watergame, specialist in high end sanitary ware, has joined forces with a strategic partner: Maîtres Robinetiers de France

WATERGAME, a French company specialising in the manufacturing of luxury sanitary equipment for over 30 years, and MAÎTRES ROBINETIERS DE FRANCE, which brings together the Cristal&Bronze, Serdaneli and Margot brands, are today announcing their commercial alliance.

The aim of this merger is the commercial development in France and abroad of top-of-the-range French-made sanitary ware and bathroom fittings. MAÎTRES ROBINETIERS DE FRANCE will now offer a complementary and unified range dedicated to luxury bathrooms.

“We are delighted to have the trust and support of a partner such as MAÎTRES ROBINETIERS DE FRANCE. The alliance of our companies opens up new prospects for growth in the highly competitive luxury market”.
Olivier Gigon, Manager of WATERGAME.

WATERGAME benefits from solid experience in the manufacturing of sanitary facilities for hotels, luxury real estate and high-end private customers. Quality, expertise and “tailor-made” service have forged the reputation of this company.

“WATERGAME has an exceptional range of sanitary fittings and undeniable know-how. We are pleased to be able to support this company in the major luxury bathroom market and look forward to working with them to ensure their success.
Patrick Plutta, Managing Director of MRF.

MAÎTRES ROBINETIERS DE FRANCE manufacture exceptional bathroom fittings, hardware and accessories in the purest tradition of French expertise. Through its recent acquisitions, the group is well positioned on the French market– where Margot has a strong presence – and on the international market – where Cristal&Bronze and Serdaneli embody the concept of French luxury.

It therefore seems natural that these companies, each with their own history and experience, have joined forces to respond effectively to the expectations of customers and purchasing advisors.


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