Cristal&Bronze presents Infini in Matt Nickel finish

Cristal&Bronze unveils Infini, its new line of cut crystal bathroom accessories.

True to its tradition of blending crystal and brass, Cristal&Bronze has released a new minimalistically designed collection that showcases stunningly unique hand-cut crystal pieces. This distinctively brilliant cristal pattern demands utmost precision and mirrors the mastery of an ancestral craftsmanship. The crystal is cut in a twisting motion to create a sublime interplay of light that enfolds the object. Soap dishes and dispensers, tumbler, tissue boxes… are all enlivened by a visual experience in an optical spiral, which unfolds in an infinite loop.

cb infini campaign insta 5

Matt Nickel

The Infini collection in Matt Nickel finish enchants the eyes with its timeless style.

The Infini collection is offered in a complete range of bathroom accessories featuring our 27 metal finishes.


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