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“Hémisphère”: A Cristal&Bronze and J.L. Coquet meeting of know-how

Cristal&Bronze has joined forces with J.L Coquet to design its first-ever Limoges porcelain bathroom accessories collection.

Partnering together, both manufacturers have given birth to a collection of bathroom accessories inspired by J.L. Coquet’s famous “Hémisphère” design. By reinterpreting Cristal&Bronze’s historical product lines, this novel collection embodies a distinctly contemporary design.

Cristal&Bronze and J.L Coquet are both certified as EPVs “Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant” (or Living Heritage Companies), a Government award in recognition of excellence in the crafts and industry.

J.L Coquet

Since 1824, J.L. Coquet has been making tableware porcelain.

Indeed, its hallmark is a whiteness now acknowledged as one of the whitest and finest anywhere in the world.

Located in Saint Léonard de Noblat (barely a few kilometres from Limoges, France), the factory blends several enabling factors: including high quality kaolin and less calcareous water.

Obtaining a piece may take up to twenty processes, each involving both human hands and cutting-edge technology. Like the finest wines, the paste is refined in the factory’s cellars for up to three months. This sets the factory apart in the industry.

J.L Coquet holds the “Porcelaine de Limoges” protected geographical indications status, as it makes all of its products in Saint-Léonard-de-Noblat.


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The collection

The Hemisphere collection is a full range of bath accessories, including soap dish, tumbler, toothbrush glass, Q-tip jars, soap dispensers, perfume bottle, sprays, tray and tissue box.

This collection is offered in our 27 metal finishes and all items are J.L Coquet x Cristal&Bronze hallmarked.

The Hémisphère collection is completed with matching Serdaneli fittings…


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